Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time Off

I never intended to go so long between my first post on here and the next one. Between taking Matt to school and picking him up, all of his therapy appointments last week and a much dreaded ophthalmologist appointment to follow up on his CVI issues, I have dropped some of the plates that I'm trying to spin. I am usually very organized and punctual when it comes to appointments, fueled by massive amounts of iced coffee and a manic fear of showing up anywhere even a minute late. I don't like letting things slip out of control and throw off the schedule. What's that expression again..make a plan and God laughs?

This week has been chaos because the kiddo is sick and that means no therapies and no school until he is feeling better. This is no easy task since he has been on the Ketogenic Diet for a month and all liquid over-the-counter meds are forbidden because of sugar content. I am lost without a schedule to follow now apparently. Since he is home we've been taking advantage of our down time to work on some skills his speech therapist wants to him to start recognizing and implementing. First is the "Get the/Give me the" rule, which works on two skill sets for him.  First, the "Get the..." rule works on his motor skills because he has to locate and grab the object, not so easy with visual impairment and poor muscle tone and grasping skills. Once he has the object in his hand, I put my hand out and tell him, "Give me the..." and let him drop it into my waiting hand. According to our superstar speech therapist, Miss Melanie, this will teach him to 1.) Recognize the object he is grabbing by name,  2.) strengthen his grabbing skills, and 3.) Teach him Cause and Effect, which we will need to master before we get  an Adaptive Communication Device down the road.

But, this week hasn't been all about the work. As much as I hate when he is sick, Matt and I both needed a break. We've been doing a lot of snuggling on the couch with a cozy blanket and watching all things Cars. Listening to him laugh when he sees Lightning McQueen and Mater is literally one of the best sounds in the whole world. I love this time with my little guy and it makes it worth all of the plates that I spin to keep him happy and healthy.

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